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Sunday, August 01, 2010

My First Post

The end of another day of eating, napping and of course, perfecting my use of the diaper…Or at least that’s how her day has been. My day has been full of cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, more laundry, feeding, changing diapers, and now, just hoping the little one will finally go back to sleep.

I know this is all going to be random, but part of it is to unload my brain of all the BABY stuff, ideas, concerns, what i’ve learned, and what i want to keep track of…

We changed formula today, she’s officially off of Enfamil Enfacare 22 calorie. And we are back to Enfamil Premium Lipil. She was ok with this formula in the beginning, but she’s having to get used to it all over again. It seems she isn’t eating as often on this one as the 22cal, but she’s eating 5oz minimum when it is time to eat. Which if it keeps going this way, will be wonderful for me. More sleeping=happy mommy.

We have also decided that diapers are going to be 100% Huggies. We’ve tried Pampers, Parent Choice, and Luvs and i’ve learned something about each of them…

Pampers, turned her little bottom and legs red, and the velcro just wasn’t as secure as it was on the other diapers. They also seem to hold less and are alot more “flimsy” then some of the others.

Parent Choice, just didn’t hold for us. It seemed like as soon as she wet just once it was leaking and that just wasn’t cutting it for us. They also didn’t fit wonderfully.

Luvs, well, she wasn’t having any problems with these, but come to find out, something in them doesn’t break HER out, however, after changing her once in them MY hands were red and itchy. Who knew, i was allergic to LUVS diapers!!!! All i could think was that not only do i have to worry about what diapers she can use, now i have to watch what diapers I can use!

So we will stick with Huggies because, i love the velcro on them, they hold up, they don’t leak, no rash, no redness, and most of all, she is happy in them.

She’s getting better sleeping, but, i would love for 5-6 hours of straight sleep. Well, time for another load of laundry…

Ta-Ta from Me for Now

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