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Friday, August 06, 2010

No Sleep, and a Bit Stir Crazy

I love being home with Em all day, but i need something else to do. I have to find a hobby that i enjoy doing. All i've been doing is cooking, cleaning, and baby stuff and i'm about to lose my mind. I need something i can do just for me, or i do think i may literally go insane.

In other news, she is sleeping great, except for last night.. She was up all night, i got 2 hours of sleep total between 9pm last night and lunch time today. So we've started putting her down for naps in the crib also, hoping that it will help get her used to crib=sleep. We don't place her in there for anything else now, just sleeping, that way the crib doesn't equal play.

Also, trying to find a great way to organize all of Em's stuff, in a small space. We don't have much extra room but i hate everything being cluttered and all over the place. I was kinda OCD before, but since i've had Em, it's even worse! Any suggestions?

(I know this post is all over the place, but, i'm running on an empty tank that has big hole in it today, so my brain is all over the place, and a bit scattered)

Ta Ta from me for now :)


  1. That's why I started crocheting so much, haha! You could always try to pick that up. Youtube has some great "how to" vids. Or maybe painting? Hmm, what else...

  2. I can't crochet, i have tried SOO many times.. And i've been thinking about painting..Just gotta find something i have fun doing, and can do at home