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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back, belly, side upsidedown!?!? Confusion

In the past month or two i have been hearing EVERYONE having a different opinion on how to lay your baby to sleep. When i was a baby, it was always on your belly, a close friend of mine had a baby about 10 years ago was told only on their side. These days when you are leaving a hospital they tell you babies HAVE TO BE on their backs.

This may work for some people, however i have a few problems with this.

A lot of doctors will say, babies start to roll over at 4 months, well i must have had a 4 month old baby, because from the day after i brought her home, she was rolling her happy butt, for the first two weeks, it was from back to belly only. At two weeks she had made it from belly to back, and these days, she's back and fourth and rolling over and over and over all over the place. LOL.

They also say, sleeping on bellies can cause SIDS, and that without head control they can suffocate face down into the bed/pillow/blanket etc. Well Em also controls her head like 9-10 month old babies, so again, i'm not agreeing or believing all this.

It may be true for some babies, but it is not true for us. If i was to make sure she was always asleep on her back then i would get to lay in the crib WITH HER, because i'd be flipping her over, every 10 minutes.

YOu tell me, if i laid you on your back, and everytime you moved, i put you right back on your back, where you were uncomfortable, would you eventually yell (or cry) at me? That's what i thought.

I put her to sleep on whatever she seems most comfortable with, because doctors say they should sleep on their backs until they are rolling over and since she is rolling over, i'm not going to force her to be crying, or uncomfortable.

YOu may all think i'm being dumb here, but i'm cautious with this. I keep her in her crib, with safety bumpers on the bed, and no pillows/blankets/stuffed animals or anything else that she could suffocate on. If she must have a blanket, it's one that is "breathable" threw material such as the light afghans that i have. Or i simply place her in a "baby bag" (also known as gowns, they just remind me of laundry bags)

I would love your opinion on this one, if you've experienced issues with the controversial "back or belly"

I think i may just start hanging her upside down from the tree and see what doctors have to say about that :) j/k of course.

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